Mondo Mannequins NYC catalog 2018
Mondo Mannequins 2018 catalog.
Emery Awards After Party flyer
Hetrick-Martin Institute (HMI) 2017 Emery Awards After Party flyer.
Anybody Call for a Legend?
Latest Shirt Design on @Teespring. Please Like and Share! Tag @khalidrosemin
EnKeys logo.
The Affirmation Collective
Natalie Lindsay spent 2020 writing her first children’s book entitled, I AM: Biblical Affirmations for Children. There are 20 affirmations that are supported by bible verses. Natalie hopes to, “inspire readers to understand who they are in Christ.” I honestly couldn’t be more proud and excited to be a part of her vision by designing her logo but more importantly see young readers fill themselves with the positivity and love. Head over to to start your child’s year out right!
Sulfur Island
Sulfur Island is a reverse racing board game. The game requires little reading and minimal counting skills, making it suitable for young children. The goal, unlike most board games, is to be the last to make it to the end. The race is woven around a story line about sacrifice to the Volcanic Tiki Gods. The board consists of a winding, linear track with a few specialty spots. Last man standing the winner.
Finch Logo Design
Finch logo designs.
Growing Our Community
These young students take on the issues of littering and street violence, a testament to these young future leaders.
Love for the People the We Love
Students in the 4th Grade at PS 241 were inspired to show how poetry could be an instrument of honest, personal expression through the work of author Tony Medina.
Pay It Forward 3rd Graders Can Do It Too!
Dreams and Stories
"What is your dream? Tell me your story." Using tissue paper in various colors matte medium, brushes and scissors, the grade 9 English students at DeWitt Clinton High School created personal collages that evoked their feelings about their personal journey and offered a visual abstraction of who they are.
Life Goals
Paying it Forward
Art and writing by the 3rd grade students of P.S. 46. Book designed by Khalid Rosemin.
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